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Private House

The Challenge

With large windows fitted in both a south-facing bedroom and in the day room, heat gain in the summer months created an uncomfortably hot interior through the day and into the night. Conversely, the loss of valuable heat through the windows in the winter created a cold interior and increased the home owners energy consumption in an attempt to compensate for the drop in temperature. The customer approached myclimate with a request to provide a solution that combined cooling, heating and ventilation with discreet air conditioning units.

The Solution: 

For the bedroom, myclimate recommended and installed a modern cassette unit flush mounted to the ceiling and fitted with 4-way direction air flow. Adjustable curved louvers ensure that air flow is precisely distributed and individual hand controls provide maximum ease and convenience of operation. In the day room, the model chosen had to be unobtrusive. myclimate fitted an inverter unit mounted under the ceiling. The customer now benefits from a much more comfortable interior climate and living environment all the year round.

Technical Summary: 

Equipment Fitted:
Daikin Inverter FLXS50 5kW (Dayroom)
Daikin Inverter FFQ35B 3.5kW (Bedroom)
Approximate Cost:
£4,300 plus VAT